Star Wars: Scum and Villainy

Episode IV: Beyond The Rim - The Wheel

After reinforcing the shield generator and mounting a forward ion canon the Idiot’s Array took off for The Wheel.

Bok put his naval training to the test by plotting a shortcut to the Mid Rim to throw off any possible pursuit from Sleheyron, then picking up the Perlemian trade route.

Along route the Idiot’s Array picked up cargo, and through good timing and shrewd negotiating were able to make enough to partially defray the cost of docking directly at The Wheel. This allowed them to avoid docking at the (much cheaper) buoys orbiting the station where they would be at the mercy of public transit shuttles to coming to and from the ship.

The crew searched Reom through a variety of means. HK-S1, Guido, and Race located an information broker in one of The Wheel’s many cantinas. Bok and Ven searched the local directories from the ship. And Ryn’na trawled the hotel bars in a nicer district for information.

Eventually, the crew learned that Reom was the president and owner of IsoTech, an advanced cybernetics company on that staddled the line between legal and outlaw tech.

Ryn’na also managed to acquire an overly inquisitive and unwanted human admirer who claimed to work in security.

Ryn’na, with Ven attacking as her body guard, blustered he way into a meeting with Reom and convinced him to use the crew to scout the last know coordinates of the Sa Nalaor. Ryn’na negotiated 13,000 credits for each of the seven crewmembers of the Idiot’s Array. Reom further offered triple pay to the crew if they returned with any advanced cybernetics along with information of the Sa Nalaor’s disposition. As a condition Reom’s protocol droid, IT-3P0, would accompany and supervise the mission. If IT-3P0 was not returned intact there would be no payout.

Negotions complete, Reom reveal the last know location of the Sa Nalaor. It’s beacon reported it as entering atmosphere on the planet of Cholganna, in the Chol system.

Reom’s sister Shira was not expected to return to The Wheel with IT-3P0 for eight hours, so Bok and Ven spent the time provisioning the expedition. While doing so they learned that the planet was covered in jungle and popular with big game hunters.

Meanwhile, Guido discovered a repair droid installing something on the Idiot’s Array. After stunning the droid and berating it’s owners he investigated the device. It was a tracking beacon, which would later identify as Imperial technology.

After Race removed the beacon HK-S1 and R4-W9 took a stroll to the local Space FedEx and shipped it to Teemo the Hutt on Tatooine.

Attempting to sabotage their principal rivals on the expedition to find the Sa Nalaor, the rodian Yiyar Clan, Race hacked into the Wheel’s mechanic request logs and see if there were any pending repair orders for the Nighflyer (captained by Yav Yiyar) that could be altered to good effect. Unfortunately he managed to trip an alarm, alerting Wheel Security to his activities. Moving quickly, with HK-S1 acting as lookout, Race quickly found a terminal in the docks and not only disabled the alarm, but altered the records to make it appear that the Yiyar’s freighter had tripped in. No sooner had he completed this change than a Wheel Security team came marching past, on their way to scrutinize the rodian crew.

The rest of returned to the ship, Ven and Bok finished shopping and Ryn’na having enjoyed her last few moments of civilization.

Shira called the crew from Reom’s com, and informed them that Yiyar Clan goons had roughed up her brother and that she was taking him to a medical facility. Ven, HK-S1, and Ryn’na quickly headed over o the IsoTech offices to escort IT-3P0 to the Idiot’s Array, while Bok, Race, Guido, and R4-W9 buttoned up the ship and made ready to depart.

Weapons drawn, Ven, HK-S1, and Ryn’na arrived at corridor fronting IsoTech. There they discovered a group of rodians and a sullustan loading a supine protocol droid onto a grav lift.

Ven tossed a stun grenade into their midst, knocking one of the rodian thugs out and shaking up the rest. A firefight quickly ensued, and almost as quickly ended with the sullustan routed and the rest of the thugs either stunned our dead. And then Wheel Security arrived.

The droids, the doctor, and the soldier spent the next two hours are a security station while everything was sorted out. Ven was slapped with a 500 credit fine for using a stun grenade, and then was escorted back to the Idiot’s Array, along with Ryn’na, HK-S1 and IT-3P0. The sullustan and the surviving rodians, however, would be spending some time in the brig.

Bok chose to work out the course to the Chol system himself, rather than rely on Reom’s less direct (and safer) course. With Guido’s assistance the Idiot’s Array came out of hyperspace in the Chol system a day ahead of schedule, and outside of the influence of the nebula that reaches into the system.

Episode III: Adventures in Mine Management

Traveled to Bargos’ newly acquired mine to collect his 100,000 credit cut.

Put down a droid rebellion, minimizing damage to the press-ganged droids.

Repaired the mine’s shield generator, allowing it to stay in operation.

Returned to Bargos with 75,000 credits and a freighter for him to salvage.

Failed to present our excellent work in the best light and got docked 2500 credits for dwelling on bad news.

Episode II: Idiot's Array

Opening Crawl

Adventure Summary to come….

Episode I:Trouble Brewing (continued)
Trouble Continues to Brew

Opening Crawl

The band of mercenaries learned from R4-W9 that not only did it have the details of a faster route through the Kessel Run, but that the pirates had loaded the coordinates of Dobah’s secret asteroid base.

Bok and R4 encountered some difficult astrogating to the asteroid. During the first jump they encountered the hyperspace hsadow of a brown dwarf. On the second jump the ship came out near an asteroid, forcing Bok to take evasive action, twisting the ship to avoid a head-on collision, and scraping along the hull knocking the hyperdrive’s cavitation array out of alignment. Once Race got the hyperdrive repair the third jump landing them in the correct asteroid field where they immediately found themselves being scanned by a long range sensor array.

Thinking on his feet, Race, with the astromech droid’s assistance, activated the deflector shields to send a false signal back to the scanning entity, making it appear that the ship itself was a tumbling asteroid. Bok then flew into the shadow of a large rock between the Dirty Kick and the general direction from which the scan originated.

Next a scan was banked off on and asteroid to find out what had been looking at the Dirty Kick. It was a sentry droid ship. Ryn’na transferred all of the deflectors shields to fore while Bok swept in behind the droid ship. HK-S1 and Ven then turned it to space dust.

Unfortunately, they missed the TIE fighter, which had snuck up behind them. It then opened fire, completely missing the Dirty Kick.

R4-W9 attempted to jam the TIE fighter’s communications, but failed to get a clean shot at it. A short dogfight later there was one fewer TIE fighter.

The Dirty Kick flew in closer to the asteroid and found a number of entrance caverns. The band, always looking for a challenge, chose to fly into the smallest.

After adding a few more scrapes along the out hull they landed in the cavern. The group found a one-man starship with a disabled hyperdrive and a sentry bot guarding it. They trudged across the slimy floor and fooled around with the ship before taking the droid and leaving.

They next entered a larger cavern, this one housing a small freighter, just a little larger than the Dirty Kick.

At HK’s prompting Ven attempted to disable the ship’s engines. The results were uncertain, and the group feared further attempts may destroy the ship and their target, Dobah, who they believed to be aboard her.

What followed was a chaotic and bloody battle. At the end of it Dobah was stunned, the rival bounty hunter left with the pirate freighter and its full cargo hold, Race was lying unconscious on the ground, and Ven was missing an arm. At one point the astromech droid even opened fire on the pirate crew, destroying their cover (a minor miscalculation caused it to destroy Ven and Ryn’na’s cover as well).

The group hid the disabled starship, in case the Rodian bounty hunter tried to return to claim it, and then made off with Dobah and what little remained for his plunder (six cases of glitterstim).

They then traveled to Bargos the Hutt’s home world, in hopes of claiming the bounty on Bandin Dobah from Teemo’s chief rival. Why waiting for the acceptance of their request for an audience with Bargos they sold some of the glitterstim to purchase Ven a new cybernetic arm.

Bargos’ major domo has sent them an invitation to a gambling event where they hope to arrange to trade in the Aqualish pirate for a chunk of change.

Episode I: Trouble Brewing
It's dangerous on the Edge.

Opening Crawl

The adventure begins with Teemo the Hutt graciously offering the characters a chance to work off a bit of their debt by doing some bounty hunting for him. It seems an Aqualish pirate known as Bandin Dobah has been causing trouble for the Hutts. Teemo would like to bring him in alive so that he can make a show of giving Dobah over to the Hutt crimelords. He tells the group that one of the cells in Dobah’s organization is based on the remote planet Formos. Additionally, he knows that other bounty hunters are on the lookout for Dobah, particularly a Rodian known as Godon Netaka. Besides a generous 6000 credit reward for the group, Teemo offers them 10% of whatever they return with. He also makes one of his smuggling vessels, a ratty old YT-1300 known as The Dirty Kick available to the group. After receiving a word of warning about returning the ship in one piece, the group sets out for Formos.

Formos is a barren world with little to offer beyond its important position at one end of the Kessel Run. The only habitable area surrounds the spaceport and it consists primarily of run down buildings, each outfitted with its own moisture vaporator. The Empire makes a token show of force with a single garrison stationed on the planet, but its really the pirates and smugglers that run the place. Worries about the ship lead to Bok staying on it to act as guard.

Ryn’na, HK-S1 and Guido beeline for the Rii Jenks cantina in an attempt to find information on Dobah’s whereabouts or the cell he has working off of Formos. Upon arriving, they quickly draw attention to themselves, Ryn’na purposefully so, and HK-S1 ad Guido inadvertently. A friendly Devaronian looking to make some credits offers to provide information as well as guidance that might help them keep low, or at least keep their heads. Guido discovers a nosy Toydarian listening in on their conversation and chases him towards the entrance.

Meanwhile, Ven and Race, on their way to the cantina, discover a damaged protocol droid discarded in the trash. The upper torso and head of the protocol droid cling to life and he relays a story of ambush and kidnapping. According to the droid’s story a horse-faced human with a vibro-knife had placed him in his current state of disrepair. The thug had a number of compatriots, and they then kidnapped the protocol droid’s friend, and astromech droid named R4-W9. R4-W9, it would seem, has a new, shorter route for the Kessel run in his memory banks. Ven takes the protocol droid back to The Dirty Kick while Race attempted, unsuccessfully, to follow the little droids tracks. On they’re way back to the cantina they receive a call over their comms that gets them running…

Guido chases the fluttering interloper to the door when in come five burly humans, which the Devaronian identifies to HK-S1 as Dobah’s men. The leader of the group, Daro Blunt, negligently slaps the Toydarian into a corner as the gang enters the room. A hush proceeds them, many of the patrons flinching away. One of the thugs notices Ryn’na, and invites himself to her sabacc table.

While the thugs were distracted buying drinks, HK-S1 attempts plant a tracker on one of them. He fails but manages to pass it off as an accidental bump, leaving them unsuspecting. Unfortunately, in playing it off HK-S1 chooses to deride the thug, “Watch where you’re going, meatbag!”

The thug draws a vibro-knife. The droid draws a blaster rifle and demonstrates the disadvantage of bringing a knife to a gun fight. The other toughs draw blasters and the bar erupts into violence. Ven and Race arrive as the killbot goes down. The leader of the thugs, the horse-face man described by the protocol droid, decides to shoot Ven out of his way as he moves toward the exit. This choice isn’t taken very well by Ven.

In the end the group flees the bar, leaving four corpses and carrying the unconscious leader with them. The group returns to the ship and stashes their faux-inebriated thug.

HK-S1, Race, and Ven decide to make another attempt at tracking the missing astromech droid. This fails, but they spy the Toydarian looking for entrance to a nearby warehouse. HK-S1 climbs up to a window and is able to observe the Toydarian informing the remaining members of Daro’s gang. A surprisingly stealthy young boy takes notice of HK-S1’s spying and attempts to extort money from him. This attempt ends with a stunned boy lying in the street and the element of surprise lost as the Toydarian spots the group before they flee the area. The three head back to the ship, confident that the teen, terrorized and stunned into unconsciousness, wouldn’t be talking for some time.

At this point, the group decides that perhaps Daro has something he can offer he he is incentivized. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have anything actionable, though he is willing to hand over the droid. HK-S1, left alone with Daros after Ven was done with the first (and last) round of questioning, deceives Daro into believing it has defected to his side. With his communicator open, HK-S1 frees Daro and the two run for it. A few well-placed blaster bolts by the others make the escape believable.

The group, minus HK-S1, follows the tracker on the droid back to the warehouse. They narrowly avoid an ambush by using the information HK-S1 is secretly providing through its commlink. As they near the warehouse, sounds of blaster fire and grunts of pain flood the commlink channel. The group sprints to the warehouse unsure if HK-S1 has survived. They arrive to find HK-S1 collapsed over the injured and struggling form of Daro, both victims and perpetrators of a double-crosses gone simultaneously wrong. Ven stuns Daro and Race removes the restraining bolt from HK-S1. HK-S1 promptly renders Daro’s unconsciousness permanent and the party returns to the ship with the astromech droid in tow.

They blast off for the relative safety of space.

Many thanks to Chris for the original form of this summary.


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