Star Wars: Scum and Villainy

Episode I: Trouble Brewing

It's dangerous on the Edge.

Opening Crawl

The adventure begins with Teemo the Hutt graciously offering the characters a chance to work off a bit of their debt by doing some bounty hunting for him. It seems an Aqualish pirate known as Bandin Dobah has been causing trouble for the Hutts. Teemo would like to bring him in alive so that he can make a show of giving Dobah over to the Hutt crimelords. He tells the group that one of the cells in Dobah’s organization is based on the remote planet Formos. Additionally, he knows that other bounty hunters are on the lookout for Dobah, particularly a Rodian known as Godon Netaka. Besides a generous 6000 credit reward for the group, Teemo offers them 10% of whatever they return with. He also makes one of his smuggling vessels, a ratty old YT-1300 known as The Dirty Kick available to the group. After receiving a word of warning about returning the ship in one piece, the group sets out for Formos.

Formos is a barren world with little to offer beyond its important position at one end of the Kessel Run. The only habitable area surrounds the spaceport and it consists primarily of run down buildings, each outfitted with its own moisture vaporator. The Empire makes a token show of force with a single garrison stationed on the planet, but its really the pirates and smugglers that run the place. Worries about the ship lead to Bok staying on it to act as guard.

Ryn’na, HK-S1 and Guido beeline for the Rii Jenks cantina in an attempt to find information on Dobah’s whereabouts or the cell he has working off of Formos. Upon arriving, they quickly draw attention to themselves, Ryn’na purposefully so, and HK-S1 ad Guido inadvertently. A friendly Devaronian looking to make some credits offers to provide information as well as guidance that might help them keep low, or at least keep their heads. Guido discovers a nosy Toydarian listening in on their conversation and chases him towards the entrance.

Meanwhile, Ven and Race, on their way to the cantina, discover a damaged protocol droid discarded in the trash. The upper torso and head of the protocol droid cling to life and he relays a story of ambush and kidnapping. According to the droid’s story a horse-faced human with a vibro-knife had placed him in his current state of disrepair. The thug had a number of compatriots, and they then kidnapped the protocol droid’s friend, and astromech droid named R4-W9. R4-W9, it would seem, has a new, shorter route for the Kessel run in his memory banks. Ven takes the protocol droid back to The Dirty Kick while Race attempted, unsuccessfully, to follow the little droids tracks. On they’re way back to the cantina they receive a call over their comms that gets them running…

Guido chases the fluttering interloper to the door when in come five burly humans, which the Devaronian identifies to HK-S1 as Dobah’s men. The leader of the group, Daro Blunt, negligently slaps the Toydarian into a corner as the gang enters the room. A hush proceeds them, many of the patrons flinching away. One of the thugs notices Ryn’na, and invites himself to her sabacc table.

While the thugs were distracted buying drinks, HK-S1 attempts plant a tracker on one of them. He fails but manages to pass it off as an accidental bump, leaving them unsuspecting. Unfortunately, in playing it off HK-S1 chooses to deride the thug, “Watch where you’re going, meatbag!”

The thug draws a vibro-knife. The droid draws a blaster rifle and demonstrates the disadvantage of bringing a knife to a gun fight. The other toughs draw blasters and the bar erupts into violence. Ven and Race arrive as the killbot goes down. The leader of the thugs, the horse-face man described by the protocol droid, decides to shoot Ven out of his way as he moves toward the exit. This choice isn’t taken very well by Ven.

In the end the group flees the bar, leaving four corpses and carrying the unconscious leader with them. The group returns to the ship and stashes their faux-inebriated thug.

HK-S1, Race, and Ven decide to make another attempt at tracking the missing astromech droid. This fails, but they spy the Toydarian looking for entrance to a nearby warehouse. HK-S1 climbs up to a window and is able to observe the Toydarian informing the remaining members of Daro’s gang. A surprisingly stealthy young boy takes notice of HK-S1’s spying and attempts to extort money from him. This attempt ends with a stunned boy lying in the street and the element of surprise lost as the Toydarian spots the group before they flee the area. The three head back to the ship, confident that the teen, terrorized and stunned into unconsciousness, wouldn’t be talking for some time.

At this point, the group decides that perhaps Daro has something he can offer he he is incentivized. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have anything actionable, though he is willing to hand over the droid. HK-S1, left alone with Daros after Ven was done with the first (and last) round of questioning, deceives Daro into believing it has defected to his side. With his communicator open, HK-S1 frees Daro and the two run for it. A few well-placed blaster bolts by the others make the escape believable.

The group, minus HK-S1, follows the tracker on the droid back to the warehouse. They narrowly avoid an ambush by using the information HK-S1 is secretly providing through its commlink. As they near the warehouse, sounds of blaster fire and grunts of pain flood the commlink channel. The group sprints to the warehouse unsure if HK-S1 has survived. They arrive to find HK-S1 collapsed over the injured and struggling form of Daro, both victims and perpetrators of a double-crosses gone simultaneously wrong. Ven stuns Daro and Race removes the restraining bolt from HK-S1. HK-S1 promptly renders Daro’s unconsciousness permanent and the party returns to the ship with the astromech droid in tow.

They blast off for the relative safety of space.

Many thanks to Chris for the original form of this summary.


It occurs to me that if the group double crosses everyone, no one is going to believe their single crosses.

Episode I: Trouble Brewing
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