Star Wars: Scum and Villainy

Episode I:Trouble Brewing (continued)

Trouble Continues to Brew

Opening Crawl

The band of mercenaries learned from R4-W9 that not only did it have the details of a faster route through the Kessel Run, but that the pirates had loaded the coordinates of Dobah’s secret asteroid base.

Bok and R4 encountered some difficult astrogating to the asteroid. During the first jump they encountered the hyperspace hsadow of a brown dwarf. On the second jump the ship came out near an asteroid, forcing Bok to take evasive action, twisting the ship to avoid a head-on collision, and scraping along the hull knocking the hyperdrive’s cavitation array out of alignment. Once Race got the hyperdrive repair the third jump landing them in the correct asteroid field where they immediately found themselves being scanned by a long range sensor array.

Thinking on his feet, Race, with the astromech droid’s assistance, activated the deflector shields to send a false signal back to the scanning entity, making it appear that the ship itself was a tumbling asteroid. Bok then flew into the shadow of a large rock between the Dirty Kick and the general direction from which the scan originated.

Next a scan was banked off on and asteroid to find out what had been looking at the Dirty Kick. It was a sentry droid ship. Ryn’na transferred all of the deflectors shields to fore while Bok swept in behind the droid ship. HK-S1 and Ven then turned it to space dust.

Unfortunately, they missed the TIE fighter, which had snuck up behind them. It then opened fire, completely missing the Dirty Kick.

R4-W9 attempted to jam the TIE fighter’s communications, but failed to get a clean shot at it. A short dogfight later there was one fewer TIE fighter.

The Dirty Kick flew in closer to the asteroid and found a number of entrance caverns. The band, always looking for a challenge, chose to fly into the smallest.

After adding a few more scrapes along the out hull they landed in the cavern. The group found a one-man starship with a disabled hyperdrive and a sentry bot guarding it. They trudged across the slimy floor and fooled around with the ship before taking the droid and leaving.

They next entered a larger cavern, this one housing a small freighter, just a little larger than the Dirty Kick.

At HK’s prompting Ven attempted to disable the ship’s engines. The results were uncertain, and the group feared further attempts may destroy the ship and their target, Dobah, who they believed to be aboard her.

What followed was a chaotic and bloody battle. At the end of it Dobah was stunned, the rival bounty hunter left with the pirate freighter and its full cargo hold, Race was lying unconscious on the ground, and Ven was missing an arm. At one point the astromech droid even opened fire on the pirate crew, destroying their cover (a minor miscalculation caused it to destroy Ven and Ryn’na’s cover as well).

The group hid the disabled starship, in case the Rodian bounty hunter tried to return to claim it, and then made off with Dobah and what little remained for his plunder (six cases of glitterstim).

They then traveled to Bargos the Hutt’s home world, in hopes of claiming the bounty on Bandin Dobah from Teemo’s chief rival. Why waiting for the acceptance of their request for an audience with Bargos they sold some of the glitterstim to purchase Ven a new cybernetic arm.

Bargos’ major domo has sent them an invitation to a gambling event where they hope to arrange to trade in the Aqualish pirate for a chunk of change.


Carp Carp

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