• Bandin Dobah

    Bandin Dobah

    Aqualish pirate captain
  • Bargos the Hutt

    Bargos the Hutt

    Bargos the Hutt is a middle-ranked Hutt Cartel crime lord living in a palace on Sleheyron on the Outer Rim.
  • Diori


    Diori serves Bargos the Hutt as his majordomo.
  • Embo


    Embo is a male Kyuzo bounty hunter who operates throughout the galaxy. He is highly regarded in the criminal underworld.
  • Godon Netakka

    Godon Netakka

    Rodian bounty hunter on the trail of Bandin Dobah
  • Hondo Ohnaka

    Hondo Ohnaka

    Hondo Ohnaka is an aged Weequay male pirate and the captain of the Ohnaka Gang, an Weequay pirate group, on the backwater planet Florrum.
  • Idiot's Array

    Idiot's Array

    Ungently Used YT-1300 Freighter
  • Prince Xizor

    Prince Xizor

    Xizor (pronounced /shē'zōr/) is a Falleen Prince of House Sizhran and the leader of the powerful criminal organization Black Sun. He is a ruthless competitor and charismatic public figure in high society with his headquarters in the city planet Coruscant.
  • R4-W9


    An astromech droid that carries one of the greatest secrets of the fringe within his memory banks.
  • Teemo the Hutt

    Teemo the Hutt

    A Hutt crime lord known for his cruelty and greed.
  • Yav Yiyar

    Yav Yiyar

    Captain if the Nightflyer and member of the Yiyar clan