Quido Sartuchi

A starship pilot with a murky past and a bleak future




Guido was abandoned on Andasala as an infant. He grew up mostly on the streets since he would regularly run away from his foster homes. At age 13 he attempted to stow away aboard the Corellian gunship Big Mack and was subsequently caught by the first mate, Mr. Hiro. Captain Tahk Obell, being of extraordinarily kind disposition for the leader of a warship, decided not to airlock young Guido and instead set him to work. For the next two years, he learned the survival skills of a spacer and took particularly well to maneuvering a ship in three dimensions. By age 15, Guido began selling his abilities as a pilot and took several jobs both legal and not so legal. Just after he turned 16, Guido was approached by a representative of Teemo the Hutt with a long term contract. The previous pilot of one of Teemo’s fighters had come down with an incurable case of Sarlacc so there was a spot open. In Teemo’s service, Guido has met many individuals he would call friend but Bok is the only one he has felt a true kinship with. Guido worries about Bok’s occasional dalliances into drugs but he has always kept it under control. Until the Incident. That’s when things began to turn sour in Guido’s short life…

Quido Sartuchi

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