Twi'lek physician with a gambling problem...


Ryn’na always hated the stuffy politics that pervade every aspect of life on Coruscant. The scheming and posturing of her colleagues at the City of Spires Gamma Medical Facility became too much, and in fit of whimsy and despair, she tossed the chance cube and let it decide on which of the trade runners en route to the Outer Rim she would stow away.

The next morning she found herself (with quite the hangover) on Tattooine, with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Finally, a real adventure! Before the day was out she managed to barter her skills as a doctor, patching up some of the losing podracers for credits and found her way to the Sabacc table at the ironically named Paradise Island. A very lucky night at cards earned her enough to afford a cozy, if not lavish, little apartment nearby, as well as a shiny new blaster pistol won from a none-too-happy bounty hunter. Little did she know that thrill of victory would be short-lived, as she attracted the attention of the bar’s owner himself, Teemo the Hut, who decided he could use a pretty little Twi’lek physician on staff.

The next night Ryn’na found herself on another winning streak. Late into the gaming, high on confidence and thinking she could do no wrong, she bet big… real big… against the cocky bounty hunter from the night before. Of course, Teemo had the game rigged, and soon Ryn’na found herself so far in the hole that she had to choose between eating a blaster rifle and Teemo buying out her debt. So just like that she went from a promising career as a physician in Galactic City to a scantily-clad Sabacc dealer indentured to Teemo the Hut in the cesspool of the galaxy.

After a few months of mending the wounds of the various unsavory characters in Teemo’s gang and the ritual harassment she endured at Paradise Island, Ryn’na was feeling her debt had been paid and confronted Teemo. This didn’t go well for the Twi’lek girl, as Teemo laughed in her face, claiming she’s just barely been earning more than the interest on her debt, and “graciously offering” to make her one of the slave-dancers chained to his platform, a position he assures pays much more. She now sees that Teemo has no intention of ever letting her go, and is desperate for a way out…


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