Star Wars: Scum and Villainy

Episode IV: Beyond The Rim - The Wheel

After reinforcing the shield generator and mounting a forward ion canon the Idiot’s Array took off for The Wheel.

Bok put his naval training to the test by plotting a shortcut to the Mid Rim to throw off any possible pursuit from Sleheyron, then picking up the Perlemian trade route.

Along route the Idiot’s Array picked up cargo, and through good timing and shrewd negotiating were able to make enough to partially defray the cost of docking directly at The Wheel. This allowed them to avoid docking at the (much cheaper) buoys orbiting the station where they would be at the mercy of public transit shuttles to coming to and from the ship.

The crew searched Reom through a variety of means. HK-S1, Guido, and Race located an information broker in one of The Wheel’s many cantinas. Bok and Ven searched the local directories from the ship. And Ryn’na trawled the hotel bars in a nicer district for information.

Eventually, the crew learned that Reom was the president and owner of IsoTech, an advanced cybernetics company on that staddled the line between legal and outlaw tech.

Ryn’na also managed to acquire an overly inquisitive and unwanted human admirer who claimed to work in security.

Ryn’na, with Ven attacking as her body guard, blustered he way into a meeting with Reom and convinced him to use the crew to scout the last know coordinates of the Sa Nalaor. Ryn’na negotiated 13,000 credits for each of the seven crewmembers of the Idiot’s Array. Reom further offered triple pay to the crew if they returned with any advanced cybernetics along with information of the Sa Nalaor’s disposition. As a condition Reom’s protocol droid, IT-3P0, would accompany and supervise the mission. If IT-3P0 was not returned intact there would be no payout.

Negotions complete, Reom reveal the last know location of the Sa Nalaor. It’s beacon reported it as entering atmosphere on the planet of Cholganna, in the Chol system.

Reom’s sister Shira was not expected to return to The Wheel with IT-3P0 for eight hours, so Bok and Ven spent the time provisioning the expedition. While doing so they learned that the planet was covered in jungle and popular with big game hunters.

Meanwhile, Guido discovered a repair droid installing something on the Idiot’s Array. After stunning the droid and berating it’s owners he investigated the device. It was a tracking beacon, which would later identify as Imperial technology.

After Race removed the beacon HK-S1 and R4-W9 took a stroll to the local Space FedEx and shipped it to Teemo the Hutt on Tatooine.

Attempting to sabotage their principal rivals on the expedition to find the Sa Nalaor, the rodian Yiyar Clan, Race hacked into the Wheel’s mechanic request logs and see if there were any pending repair orders for the Nighflyer (captained by Yav Yiyar) that could be altered to good effect. Unfortunately he managed to trip an alarm, alerting Wheel Security to his activities. Moving quickly, with HK-S1 acting as lookout, Race quickly found a terminal in the docks and not only disabled the alarm, but altered the records to make it appear that the Yiyar’s freighter had tripped in. No sooner had he completed this change than a Wheel Security team came marching past, on their way to scrutinize the rodian crew.

The rest of returned to the ship, Ven and Bok finished shopping and Ryn’na having enjoyed her last few moments of civilization.

Shira called the crew from Reom’s com, and informed them that Yiyar Clan goons had roughed up her brother and that she was taking him to a medical facility. Ven, HK-S1, and Ryn’na quickly headed over o the IsoTech offices to escort IT-3P0 to the Idiot’s Array, while Bok, Race, Guido, and R4-W9 buttoned up the ship and made ready to depart.

Weapons drawn, Ven, HK-S1, and Ryn’na arrived at corridor fronting IsoTech. There they discovered a group of rodians and a sullustan loading a supine protocol droid onto a grav lift.

Ven tossed a stun grenade into their midst, knocking one of the rodian thugs out and shaking up the rest. A firefight quickly ensued, and almost as quickly ended with the sullustan routed and the rest of the thugs either stunned our dead. And then Wheel Security arrived.

The droids, the doctor, and the soldier spent the next two hours are a security station while everything was sorted out. Ven was slapped with a 500 credit fine for using a stun grenade, and then was escorted back to the Idiot’s Array, along with Ryn’na, HK-S1 and IT-3P0. The sullustan and the surviving rodians, however, would be spending some time in the brig.

Bok chose to work out the course to the Chol system himself, rather than rely on Reom’s less direct (and safer) course. With Guido’s assistance the Idiot’s Array came out of hyperspace in the Chol system a day ahead of schedule, and outside of the influence of the nebula that reaches into the system.


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